EARA History

The EARA was first established as an international scientific organization at a meeting in Paris in 1988. The Association was formally formed in 1991. The initiative to establish the EARA association was taken by Hector Rodriguez-Toma and Sandy Jackson. This followed a series of informal meetings at which psychologists from different parts of Europe gathered to discuss new developments, ideas, and research findings in the field of Adolescence. The meetings served to illustrate the range of knowledge and research in the area of adolescence that was present in the different European countries. Those attending saw the advantages of establishing closer acquaintance with other European colleagues and their work. The formation of an association seemed to be an obvious means to achieve this end.

From Paris onwards, biennial conferences have been organized in various parts of Europe and they continue to represent vibrant contexts for learning about the most updated research on adolescence and establishing fruitful international and multidisplinary scientific collaborations.

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