Lifetime achievement award

The EARA Lifetime Achievement Award was founded in 2004 to honor EARA’s founding president. Dr. Jackson was especially interested in peer relationships, parent-adolescent relationships, and coping. His impact on the field of adolescence was profound and revolutionary.

The EARA Lifetime Achievement Award is awarded for an outstanding lifetime contribution to the study of adolescence. This award is given to a highly esteemed European scholar whose contribution has had far-reaching implications and a significant impact on our understanding of development and behavior during adolescence.

At the EARA conference, the awarded scholar is given the opportunity to present his or her research and ideas. In addition, the awardee receives a lifetime honorary EARA membership.

Previous Awardees:

2022:Sabine Walper
2020:Inge Seiffge-Krenke
2018:Håkan Stattin
2016:Wim Meeus
2014:Rainer Silbereisen
2012:John Coleman
2010:Leo Hendry
2008:Augusto Palmonari
2008:Harke Bosma