EARA Executive Council

Past President
Figen Cok
Rita Zukauskiene
Susan Branje
figen.cok@gmail.com rzukausk@gmail.com s.branje@uu.nl

The EARA is governed by its membership, who elect the 12 members of the Executive Council (for details please see Rules and Bye-Laws.) The everyday activities of the EARA are run by the Executive Committee, comprised of the President, the President-Elect, The Past President, and up to four further members who are elected by the Executive Council from within its ranks. One Committee member supports the President in the role of the association Secretary.

EARA Executive Council (*Executive Committee)

  • President: Rita Zukauskiene, Lithuania (ex officio member) *
  • Past President: Figen Cok, Turkey (ex officio member) *
  • President-Elect: Susan Branje, The Netherlands (elected 2016) *
  • Secretary: Elisabetta Crocetti, Italy (elected 2016) *
  • Treasurer: Metin Ozdemir, Sweden (elected 2016) *
  • Membership Secretary: Saskia Kunnen, the Netherlands (elected 2012) *
  • Newsletter Editor: Fabrizia Giannotta, Italy/Sweden (elected 2012) *
  • Membership recruitment and funding committee chair: Hakan Stattin, Sweden (elected 2010)
  • Membership recruitment and funding committee: Elvira Cicognani, Italy (elected 2014)
  • ………………………….: Loes Keijsers, The Netherlands (elected 2014)
  • JoA Editorial Assistent: Wim Beyers, Belgium (elected 2016)
  • Website committee chair: Muge Artar, Turkey (elected 2016)
  • SECNET representative: Jolien van der Graaff, The Netherlands (ad hoc member)