Since 2016 EARA is a member of the International Consortium of Developmental Science Societies (ICDSS), a “world” umbrella organisation of developmental science societies. ICDSS was formed in 2012 with three goals: 

1. Facilitate developmental science’s coverage of the full spectrum of human development.  All developmental science societies have some specialization, focusing on an age range or a particular topic area. Even the biggest ones (e.g., SRCD, SRA) do not cover all of development.  ICDSS allows collaboration across the specialization areas of individual member societies.

2.  There is a need for a voice to bring developmental science to the design of policies and programs across the globe. 

3.  All professional societies confront an array of issues of management and survival. Maintaining a strong membership base and the implications of new topics such as open access for academic journals are just two of these.  A consortium of societies allows sharing of new approaches to these issues and of lessons learned.

For more information about ICDSS see: ICDSS – International Consortium of Developmental Science Societies (intlconsortiumdevelopmentalscience.org)