R is an open-source programming language particularly suitable for statistical analysis. With increasing popularity among researchers in the field of social sciences, R offers a flexible programming environment for conducting virtually any type of statistical procedure.  
This workshop offers an introduction to R and RStudio. We will focus on presenting the R basic syntax and way of functioning. The general goal is to give attendees the necessary skills to perform basic operations for data manipulation and management, data visualization, and simple descriptive and inferential statistical procedures. The workshop will have many opportunities to put these skills into practice. In addition to video and written tutorials, we will conduct three interactive 45m zoom sections of guided practice. During these sessions, the instructor and participants will work together to perform a set of tasks and solve practical exercises using R. Three blocks of contents are planned.
1st Block: Introduction to R and RStudio environments, R basic operators, objects, data structures, and built-in functions;
2nd Block: Creating, indexing, and manipulating data objects in R;
3rd Block: Defining and customizing graphs, computing descriptive and basic inference statistics using R.
No previous R knowledge is required. Basic statistical knowledge namely on summary measures, correlation, and regression is assumed. Participants should have installed in their laptops the latest version of R (HTTPS://WWW.R-PROJECT.ORG/) and RStudio (HTTPS://RSTUDIO.COM/PRODUCTS/RSTUDIO/DOWNLOAD/).

Tiago Ferreira recently completed his Ph.D. in Psychology at the University of Porto, Portugal. His research focuses on the contributions of family and school relationships to socioemotional development during early childhood. He has been acquiring advanced training in statistics and data analyses. His area of expertise includes psychometrics (e.g., measurement invariance and multitrait-multimethod analysis), and longitudinal data analysis.
Tiago has been involved as a researcher and statistical consultant in several research projects in the fields of child development, family studies, and early childhood education, contributing to publications in national and international peer-reviewed journals (HTTPS://WWW.RESEARCHGATE.NET/PROFILE/TIAGO_FERREIRA5/RESEARCH).

He has also been responsible for given R introduction workshops and advanced courses in multilevel and longitudinal data analysis at the University of Porto, Faculty of Psychology and Education Sciences.