EARA Newsletter

The EARA Newsletter is a channel for transmitting information among EARA members. It is a way for members to pass useful information and ideas on to other members. Hence, all members are invited to contribute.

The Newsletter of the EARA is published in the Spring and the Fall. It is a two-way channel for information, including announcements from the executive committee and information from individual members. Contributions from individual members include conference reports, book reviews, and descriptions of research centers. National representatives from every country also provide news about conferences, research activities, and news or statistics about adolescent life in different parts of Europe.

Recent newsletters:

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How to submit

Submissions may be made to the newsletter editor:

Fabrizia Giannotta
E-mail: fabriziagiannotta@libero.it


Materials for the Spring should reach the editorial office by April 1st. Materials for the Autumn issue should reach the editorial office by October 1st. The newsletter should appear in your mailbox around May 1st and November 1st.